Bridging needs and services in Contra Costa County

 Thank you for supporting Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition

Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition

Job Openings:

We are in need of volunteer drivers to pick up and delivery furniture. If interested, please contact us for driver volunteer application.

Items Needed - We can arrange for pick up!

Items need to be clean and in very good condition

Volunteers Needed to supplement our outstanding long-time drivers:


Saturday people, drivers and loaders, a.m. and afternoon.
Younger people to assist with lifting/loading usually in time frame of 8 a.m. and early afternoon.


One more person to do occasional laundry – wash & dry sheets and blankets that  usually come from closets and need freshening.


Someone to preview furniture for us, after training in our specific needs, and keep up with changing needs.  Need car only to drive over and check it out. (Central County only.)


Unrepresented churches be encouraged to send recently retired people to be on the Board of Directors, perhaps two representatives to cover vacations and absences, to take turns.


Teams to call on churches who have shown an interest in CCIC and what we do – to include a Board member and adviser.  Currently 3 churches possible and open to hearing about us.


Handy person to touch up painting on donated furniture.  Usually the top only of a table, end table or dresser before we send it out.  Current person is retiring after many years of service to CCIC.


Person handy with math or statistics to update some statistical facts, such as the current value of our furniture.

 Do you have a truck, can or even a car? Can you dontate time Saturdays to help loan our trucks or make some furniture deliverie as part of a team of 2 or 3 vehicles. AM or PM trips, 1 or 2 hours?

Central County Martinez to Antioch or some pick up of donated furntiure in our local area.  

Food Donations- Please contact us for list of needed items

If you have any of these items please complete the contact us form and we will arrange for pick up!

Cash donations of any amount are always needed and appreciated. CCIC does not recieve any government funding and relies on private,church, and corporate donations to facilitate our programs.

For an address to send your tax deductible donation, please call CCIC at (925) 933-7040 and leave a message. Receipts will be provided for cash or material goods dontated.CCIC does not solicit from any  mailing lists and will only publicly acknowledge your donation with your permission.